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Archeage 1.2 Build 4.14 patch notes

It seems a lot of people are upset about Hasla weapons being given greater importance, and the nerfing of the craftable gliders. I’m excited about the  farm cart being able to upgrade to farm wagon though. AURORIA * Explore six new […]

Leaked Archeage Beta and Launch Timeline

About a week back I heard about a leaked timeline for Archeage. Since the third beta event has been announced exactly when the timeline says, I’m willing to at least float it as possibly true. Keep in mind this isn’t […]

ArcheAge CBE2

The hugely popular Korean MMORPG is coming to North America and Europe, most likely in fall 2014. Being ported by TrionWorlds, the creators of Rift and other games, there is a lot of hype surrounding ArcheAge, and with good reason! […]