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Trade Pack Pack Cost Grow Time Space Location Profit Margin Location Profit Margin
Falcorth Yarn1 1g 87s 5c 3h 37m Small Ynystere 8g 29s 14c Solis 4g 97s 82c
Falcorth Tarts2 1g 24s 92c 18h Med Ynystere 8g 91s 27c Solis 5g 59s 95c
Tigerspine Pancakes3 8g 15s 94c 7h Med Ynystere 7g 76s 63c Solis 4g 82s 34c
Tigerspine Jam4 93s 79c 4h Med Ynystere 7g 45s 27c Solis 4g 50s 98c
Arcum Eggs5 1g 45s 75c 1h 48m Small Ynystere 7g 58s 83c Solis 4g 52s 26c
Arcum Lavaspice 1g 35s 95c 5h 9m Med Ynystere 7g 68s 63c Solis 4g 62s 06c
Mahadevi Cookies6 1g 17s 79c 1d 1h 43m Small Ynystere 5g 70s 4c Falcorth 3g 74s 8c
Mahadevi Herbs7 1g 14s 58c 8h Med Ynystere 5g 73s 25c Falcorth 3g 77s 29c
Solis Oil8 8g 19s 12c 17h Med Ynystere 7g 33c Falcorth 6g 19s 26c
Solis Juice9 1g 43s 30c 1d 7h 25m Med Ynystere 6g 22s 64c Falcorth 5g 41s 57c
Villanelle Potpourri10 5g 12s 97c 21h 36m Med Falcorth 6g 24s 59c Arcum 5g 37s 69c
Villanelle Cherries11 1g 15s 95c 1d 3h Large Falcorth 4g 7s 96c Arcum 3g 41s 12c
Silent Forest Fruit
Silent Forest Candy
Windscour Jerky14 1g 46s 79c 2d 34m Large Ynystere 9g 99s 81c Solis 6g 87s 23c
Windscour Herbs 1g 30s 2c 3h 52m Med Ynystere 10g 16s 58c Solis 7g 4s
Perinoor Spices15 1g 26s 10c 5h 43m Large Ynystere 10g 34s 15c Solis 9g 10s 45c
Perinoor Potato16 74s 8c 3h Small Ynystere 10g 85s 17c Solis 9g 62s 47c
Rookborne Biscuits17 5g 20s 26c 21h 36m Med Falcorth 8g 61s 83c Solis 8g 50s 9c
Rookborne Fruit18 93s 79c 4h Med Falcorth 8g 37s 13c Solis 8g 25s 39c
Hasla Meat 1g 34s 57c 3h 36m Med Ynystere 10g 25s 68c Solis 9g 39s 49c
Hasla Fabric19 1g 45s 70c 1h 48m Small Ynystere 10g 14s 55c Solis 9g 28s 36c
Ynystere Preserves20 93s 79c 22h Large Falcorth 9g 22s 40c Arcum 8g 10s 79c
Ynystere Olive Oil21 1g 58s 10c 18h Large Falcorth 8g 58s 9c Arcum 7g 46s 48c

Math Explanations

  • All packs have 50 silver added to their cost total to account for the Quality Certificate.
  • All turn in values assume 130% trade-in value, with interest included.
  • All space calculations are estimated based on the average space needed by the items to be planted; where “Small” = less than 20 single-space items, “Medium” = less than 40 single-space items and/or small trees, and “Large” = anything that requires more than 40 single-space items, or multiple large-sized trees.
  • All Growth Times are calculated in Temperate climate, assuming you water/feed upon placing your items.
  • All calculations are estimated on an average gather rate.
  • If there are any issues, please let me know via our forum!


Trade Pack Specifics

1Falcorth Yarn: This assumes you plant 10 Goose for minimum gather time. As Geese can be harvested more than once, the initial pack cost is high, but pays for itself over multiple gathers. Optionally, you can plant 5 Geese for an initial cost reduction of 60 silver 75 copper, which will increase gather time by 2h 6min. Each subsequent pack will take 2h 6min (10 Geese) or 4h 12min (5 Geese).

2Falcorth Tarts: Assumes you plant 6 trees for minimum gather time. As Apple Trees can be harvested more than once, the initial cost is high, but pays for itself over time. If you only have a small farm, and plant 4 Apple Trees, the gather time is increased to 26 hours, but the cost reduced by 22 silver. Each subsequent pack will take 8 hours (6 trees) or 16 hours with an extra trade pack every other gathering (4 trees).

3Tigerspine Pancakes: Assumes you place 3 Cows for minimum gather time. As Cows can be harvested more than once, the initial pack cost is very high, (8g 15s 94c) but pays for itself over multiple gathers. Optionally, you can place 1 Cow for an initial cost reduction of 5 gold, but the pack time will be increased by 14 hours. Each subsequent pack will take 7 hours (3 Cows) or 21 hours (1 Cow).  Also each subsequent pack will cost 62s 43c, since you won’t be replacing the Cows.

4Tigerspine Jam: Assumes you plant 10 Grapevines. Planting 5 reduces initial cost by 20 silver, and uses significantly less land (recommended if planting on a small farm), but increases gather time by 3 hours. Subsequent packs will take 3 hours (10 Grapevines) or 6 hours (5 Grapevines), and have slightly larger profit margin.

5Arcum Iris Eggs: Assumes placement of 10 Chickens. Placing 5 reduces initial cost by 20 silver, but increases gather time by 41 minutes. Subsequent packs will take 41 minutes (10 Chickens) or 1 hour 22 minutes (5 Chickens) and have slightly larger profit margin.

6Mahadevi Cookies: Assumes planting 4 Banana Trees. As the growth and gathering time for Bananas is so high, it is not recommended to reduce number of trees planted, as it is incredibly inefficient. Subsequent packs will take 14h 17min, and will yield 64s higher profit, assuming no tree death.

7Mahadevi Herbs: Any trade pack with Chopped Fruit as an ingredient is slightly tricky to define, as they require you to keep fruit trees (likely Grape or Fig if you’re in Temperate land) up constantly, which has a space requirement, but won’t affect the cost of your trade packs passed the initial one, assuming no tree death. This pack, requiring 2 types of trees, has a varying cost (the initial cost being 1g 14s 58c and the eventual cost being no more than the 50s for the Quality Cert) and grow time (initial being 8-12 hours, eventual being 4-8 hours) depending on the number of trees you keep.

8Solis Alchemy Oil: This trade pack is in the same situation as the Tigerspine Pancakes. The initial cost of the Yatas is very high, (8g 19s 12c) but after the first pack will be reduced to 65s 61c, and take 17 hours per pack assuming 3 Yatas are used. Even though this is significantly better numbers, I still can’t recommend this pack (especially if you live in Temperate land) since there are better uses for Yata fur.

9Solis Juice: Assumes 4 Jujube trees are planted for guaranteed pack every harvest. After the initial pack, subsequent packs will be worth 80s more (assuming no tree death), and take 1 day, 1 hour, 42 minutes to harvest. Obviously not recommended in Temperate climates.

10Villanelle Potpourri: Assumes you place 3 Goat for minimum gather time. After the initial pack, subsequent packs will cost only 56s 49c, and take 7 hours to gather.

11Villanelle Cherries: This pack requires a large amount of space, so unless you’re planting Cherry Trees for their aesthetically pleasing appearance (I know I will be), I doubt this pack is worth it. In the event you want to have Cherry Trees though, subsequent packs are worth 60s more, and take 1 day to gather.

14Windscour Jerky: Even after the initial pack, the time these trees take to fruit (1 day 10 hours 17 min), and the amount of space they take, makes this trade pack not worth it.

15Perinoor Spices: This pack is pretty inviting at first glance, low cost, low grow time, high profit margin.. The only problem is that it requires you to keep many Avocado Trees on your land. This table assumes you have 16 trees for minimum pack time, but you could easily have fewer trees and make this pack whenever you happen to have enough Avocados lying around. Gather time on Avocado Trees is 4 hours 17 minutes.

16Perinoor Potato: Outside of the Chopped Fruit required to make this pack… Potatoes take 9 minutes to grow. You don’t even need to use your farm land, you could plant them almost anywhere and harvest them safely before anyone even noticed. Since you’ll probably have plenty of random fruit to chop up (I recommend keeping a few Grapevines for this) there’s literally no reason not to do this pack.. Except of course until people figure it out and start camping the route to steal packs.

17Rookborne Biscuits: Again with Cow Syndrome. Subsequent packs won’t have a huge cost (69s 9c) , and will take only 7 hours.

18Rookborne Fruit: Assuming you plant 10 Fig Trees, after the initial pack, profit margin goes up by 40s, and gather time down by 1 hour. Unless you have less than 10 Fig Trees. Which would be fine, since most fruit-related packs are best done to supplement your income, not as your main source of trade pack runs due to the land required to keep fruit trees growing. Fig Trees take 3 hours to fruit.

19Hasla Fabric: This pack is actually surprisingly easy to acquire, for little money and little land. Assuming you keep 10 Ducks, subsequent packs will increase in profit by 80s, and have a 54 min gather time.

20Ynystere Preserves: Requires you to have 2 Orange Trees on your lot, which takes up a decent amount of space. The gather time is also quite long, at 18 hours for subsequent packs. Pack profit margin increases by 40s after the initial pack.

21Ynystere Olive Oil: Assumes you plant 6 Olive Trees for fastest harvest. Subsequent packs will have 96s more profit, and cost 10 hours to gather. Overall, Ynystere packs grow time and land consumption may not be worth it.