The hugely popular Korean MMORPG is coming to North America and Europe, most likely in fall 2014. Being ported by TrionWorlds, the creators of Rift and other games, there is a lot of hype surrounding ArcheAge, and with good reason! It’s a sandbox-MMO with a decently managed player-driven economy, player housing and farms, that encourages teamwork and/or piracy.

It’s very popular with anyone who may have been interested in Eve Online, but wasn’t interested in spreadsheets or the hardcore investment it required. It’s harder than “easy-mode” games such as GuildWars2, but not so hardcore that it loses it’s laid back feel.


It is free-to-play with the option of paying a monthly “subscription” (called Patron status), which gives you perks. Many have complained that the game may/is becom(ing) pay-to-win, but there are reasons behind not allowing free accounts to have access to certain things. Being the leader of a small guild that has both paid and free players, I can say for sure that the free players in my guild don’t feel any severe loss over not paying for Patron status. They don’t get to place their own house/farm, but we have guild land for them to use. We pool a lot of our resources, so their labour points have only been an issue early on. The longer we play, the less of an issue the reduced labour regen has been.

All this being said, Trion is working closely with the Alpha and Beta testing community to make sure the game is as close to what everyone wants it to be on release. So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with how it’s being handled. I’ve sent many emails to support myself, and even received a few personal responses to problems I’ve had or suggestions I brought up.

All this being said, even if you’re skeptical of the game, it can’t hurt to try out – since it’s free to play and all. Beta keys are widely available for the closed betas thus far, and open beta shouldn’t be too long from now. I strongly suggest playing long enough to get your glider and see the world how it really should be seen. It’s a world to explore and adventure, and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it!


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