Welcome to Beta Weekend 1!

We’re finally taking noticeable steps toward a release date with the first closed beta event on ArcheAge. Since I’ve been playing in Alpha for so long, it’s not really that exciting for me, aside from the fact that I can finally play with my friends instead of by myself. That is, if the servers could stabilize and we could get/stay online. Not that I’m complaining overmuch, it IS beta after all, this is just par for the course.

There are still many changes I hope to see before the game goes live, so I’d rather see the game take it’s time coming out than being rushed and released with crappy bugs that take even longer to fix. While I’m waiting for the beta servers to let me on, I might as well make a list of the changes I’d love to see before release.

Chat functionality

I’ll be frank. I loathe the chat system on ArcheAge. It’s counter-intuitive, clunky, and just plain outdated. Granted, most people use voice chat these days to communicate with their friends/guild/raids, but even so, this is a huge part of a game that shouldn’t be overlooked. It has some good features, like being able to very intricately customize what shows up in your chat windows, what the colours of things are, even the chat box itself can have it’s colour changed. Here are some functions I think it needs:

Timestamp – Because seriously.. Before they added the 45-minute afk kick, you could be sitting afk in game for hours. Come back to see someone had messaged you… But not have any clue when that was. Sure you could ask.. But it’d be nice to see if that conversation in guild chat you missed out on was 5 minutes ago, or 2 hours.

Control+A – How often are you in the middle of typing a huge wall of text, only to have someone say something that renders your argument invalid? Or something like that. Control+A then delete has been my best friend… quite often, when I decide I don’t want to say whatever I was typing.. Or followed b Ctrl+X to save for pasting later.. Bugs me when I have to sit there and hold delete to get rid of the .. whatever it was I decided I’m not going to say after all.

Whispering – Guildwars 2 did this one amazingly well. When you’re in whisper chat, you can click the name of whoever you’re whispering for a dropdown menu of the other people you’ve whispered since you logged in, choose who you want, and talk. Having to type in /w “charactername” every time you want to whisper someone different… Especially if they have special characters in their name? Just isn’t happening.

Chat Scrolling – You can’t use your mouse wheel to scroll up/down through your chat history. What?

Chat Activation – I miss being able to open chat by typing “/”. Want to type in guild chat? type in /g “insert text here”. It’s not a huge pain to have to hit enter first, but when you’re used to being able to open chat with the command for what chat mode you want to enter, its just hard to break the habit.

Stuff in the UI

There’s not many customization options to change the size of things on your screen, which is somewhat unfortunate. Being able to customize what you have on your screen, where it’s located, and what size it is is pretty important to the immersion into the world, since preference on the location of crap on your screen varies from person to person. I was a little upset when I found out I couldn’t move the minimap, or scale down the quest log.

I’m ESPECIALLY upset about the most recent additions to the crap-stuck-on-my-screen: The Patron button, and those two other stupid mail buttons… which all have the option to be keybound! Not only that, but the mail options (if I’m not mistaken) were already in the menu at the bottom of the screen. I freaking hate these huge icons they decided to cram on my UI, and hate even more that I can’t remove them. I’m getting pretty close to wanting to send hate mail over them.

There are probably other issues I can think of, but nothing comes to mind at the moment. The sad thing is, none of it is gameplay related. I love the game, being able to use different methods to explore the beautiful world they created is the most fun I’ve had online in a while. I look forward to being able to play this game with my friends and guildmates… I just hope this list of things doesn’t annoy me too much in the process!

Is there anything you’d like to share that bugs you about the game? Feel free to discuss it on our forum!